American artist Neil Sater has been pioneering original art works that harness the beauty and power of nature’s elements for more than two decades.

Although trained as an engineer, Neil found his truest self when artistically experimenting with steel, copper, slate, and river rocks. Combining these alluring natural textures with the energy of wind, fire, and water, he discovered he could create soothing sounds and mesmerizing visuals.

Passionate about sharing the meditative experience these artworks inspire, Neil has dedicated himself to handcrafting wind, fire, and water sculptures that are of the highest artistic quality, yet accessibly priced to be easily welcomed into everyday lives. is the home for a growing collection of outdoor art inspired by the elements of the Earth. Beginning with copper and steel wind sculptures, then evolving to include a new series of origami-inspired firepits and Neil’s award-winning water sculptures, all works are proudly made in the USA from ultra pure and durable natural materials. Available in traditional and majestic sizes, Neil’s one-of-a-kind designs will transform your home or business environment with unforgettable elegance.

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